just got a totally amusing press release regarding a new Australian TV show about games - it's called 'Good Game', and the official website for it has a highlights reel that shows its firm grasp of yoof culture!

The PR handily explains: "Hosted by Junglist (Jeremy Ray) and Kapowski (Michael Makowski), Good Game is filmed in the Den of Gaming (DOG); a gamers’ paradise fitted out with just about every gaming device ever invented and complemented by a huge plasma screen – every gamers’ dream screen! Junglist and Kapowski are supported each week by Dr Daneel, Good Game’s technical wizard, and P_Nutz, the computer-hacking ape."

Dude, P_Nutz! Wait, there's more: "Junglist first picked up a controller at the age of six and has been a passionate gamer ever since. Until recently he ran a successful Counter-Strike: Source team. Junglist now trains younger gamers in online sportsmanship as well as war-gaming tactics. Kapowski started gaming at the age of five. At the age of 13 he built his first computer to satisfy his love of gaming. Dr Daneel (Miles Tulett) built his first computer at the age of eight and hasn’t stopped. He recently won two major competitions for computer design. Dr Daneel is currently studying and plans to embark on a career in computer design." But is Dr Daneel really a doctor?