I know a few other sites have covered HPANA's account of rabid Harry Potter fans visiting Electronic Arts to find out about the game version of Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix - but they've completely missed the sheer hilarious rabidity of the fans in question.

Says Charlotte, a forum moderator at Harry Potter fansite Immeritus: "'It had been mentioned to me that [EA] were HP fans and, although I thought they'd probably read the books and seen the films, I was sceptical that they'd have the same kind of knowledge and enthusiasm as we do (the kind that comes from analyzing a single sentence to several pages of discussion).'" Yes, several pages!

It gets better, really: "The team working on the OotP game (currently about 85 people) are all sorted into houses and they sit in those houses for regular meetings. Points are won for individual houses and collected in jars, and there's even a sorting ceremony whenever a new member joins the team!"

What if you don't like Harry Potter? Is there some way you can opt out? Is this an HR-related matter? Is your house fined for crash bugs you cause? Honestly, screw Will Wright's 'cells', we hear this is the new game development organization method EA is aiming for.