We totally adore the beardy weirdy guys over at Digital Eel - heck, their very own Rich Carlson is the only IGF winner I've ever spoken to at GDC while that person was strumming a tiny banjo - isn't that recommendation enough?

Anyhow, they have great news, in association with Greg Costikyan and the Manifesto Games chaps: "To celebrate their upcoming and highly anticipated launch, Manifesto Games is offering Plasmaworm for free! Yep, you heard right, and not the demo but the whole darn Digital Eel FULL VERSION!"

But wait, there's more! "How can they/we do this, you ask? Because Manifesto Games is dangerous and Digital Eel is insane. Only dangerously insane people would make such an insanely dangerous game available to unsuspecting gamers in this way! Note that this offer only lasts until September 15th, so be sure to head on over to Manifesto and check out the pre-launch shenanigans, ASAP."

Other than that, if you haven't checked out Digital Eel's weird-ass 'short' space game Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space, please do so immediately, if not sooner - Kieron Gillen got pretty addicted to the IGF winner earlier this year, as did a non-game biz friend of mine, and its borderline surreal Star Trek-ish randomized explorations are tragically enticing. That is all!