You knows we wouldn't be anywhere without regular GameTap updates, even if they seem to send us lots of different emails, each with unique info, and so here's some of the latest fun stuff about the PC 'all you can eat' download service and the geek-friendly game content it's added.

Firstly, stuff that happened during July: "GameTap announced Konami as a new partner alongside adding 8 of their games, including Frogger, Contra Hard Corps, Castlevania: Bloodlines and Time Pilot. We also celebrated “Capcom Week II” with more worthy additions from the publisher’s popular roster of games, such as Final Fight, Mega Man: The Power Battle, and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters." We knew some of that!

But also, there's new hotness: "This month, GameTap will feature a “Ninja Week” to honor games featuring this stealth assassin, so watch your back for more than a half dozen new ninja additions to the GameTap library. We will also have a week devoted to “Space Combat” with a dozen new games that are out of this world." It's all a bit vague, but we'll check later to see if any of the specific titles have been added to the 'Coming Soon' section of the client. [UPDATE: Next week's stuff is now listed, including titles such as Top Hunter for Neo Geo, Tumblepop for arcade, and even Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (scroll down!) for arcade. Man, obscurity!]

Also, we just got an 'added this week' info mail, including "Bust-A-Move Again™ (Puzzle Bobble™ 2) (Arcade)... Section Z (Arcade)... Andro Dunos (Arcade)...Battle Circuit (Arcade)... Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego? (PC-WIN)" Also: "Hint for next time: You say, "Die By The Sword." We say, "Live By The Controller!" Nice, obscure CPS2 arcade titles and sword-fighting craziness, all at once!