OK, it's late (or early, when I post this!), so let's wrap up the day with some completely random linklog fun and games, shall we?

- Edge Online has the neeto 'Time Extend' article on Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, and there's some really nice writing in here: "For if Alpha Centauri opens with pessimism, it closes – on almost any ending other than abject defeat – with a swell of hope and wonder in place of the expected triumphalism. It reassures that the events of the game weren’t the entirety of mankind’s future, but just another step, no less ginger or more significant than Gagarin’s, Aldrin’s, Armstrong’s..."

- You may have heard of the Flash animated web serial turned DVD release Broken Saints? Well, there's a neat interview with creator Brooke Burgess over at Movieweb, and it turns out that he's an ex-EA drone: "I used to produce video games at Electronic Arts in Vancouver where I live in Canada. The idea came because I was going through a struggle after working on the same franchises year after year. I was trying to reconcile my use of modern technology and media technology with a burgeoning, growing spiritual side." It's also noted: "Because of my video game background there's quite a bit of interest in adapting Broken Saints for an interactive experience for next generation consoles. That's absolutely in the works, I'm hoping to actually announce the official publisher and platform by the end of the year."

- GSW columnist RedWolf went ahead and did some nice scans and commentary on the Atari Force comic, which is "a mini comic book (5″x7″) that came as a free pack-in with the game Defender for the Atari 2600 in 1982. " Yes, you've probably heard of it before, but it's plenty of fun: "It’s the year 2005 and the Atari Technology and Research Institute’s Fuji symbol-shaped headquarters looms high on the horizon." Sadly, the comic-referenced Atari offices in Sunnyvale, more recently Midway's dev studio out there (and not actually Fuji-shaped!), closed before that date, *sigh*. History, damn you.

- The 'Panels and Pixels' blog, which reprints comics and games columns from the Pennsylvania-based Patriot-News newspaper, has a neat column on Rule Of Rose which quotes some from the Gamasutra interview regarding it. The blog notes of the Atlus-published, Sony-developed title: "Whether the game comes under fire once it’s released remains to be seen, but it’s apparent that Takayama and his cohorts had more in mind than catering to prurient interests." Nicely done, Sir.

- It's not quite games, but it's still computer art - check out Freax: The Art Album, which "shows a unique selection of pixel graphics from the Demoscene made on computer platforms as such as PC, Amiga, Atari ST, Schneider CPC, C64, ZX81 and in various categories like ASCII, ANSI, disk covers and comics. "Freaks the Album" is a fascinating documentation coming on 296 pages, in full-colour and the DIN A4 format." The same distributors also have a neat DVD of Commodore 64 demos, even.

- Bonus link: Mario's New World: Symphonies in the Washington Post, which cannily reports on the video game symphony catfight: "One of the most entertaining things about this new mini-industry of video game music performance might be the squabbling going on behind the scenes. The two companies putting on these productions -- Jason Michael Paul Productions and Mystical Stone Entertainment -- pretty much hate each other and are engaging in a fair amount of trash talk as they fight for the same gigs."

- You know, the first column from our friend Joseph 'Buzz' Berkley, with its amazing 'Wii for adults' scoop, hasn't gone down too well on some blogs - for example, commenters on Codename Revolution insist: "That was possible the stupidest thing I ever read", and concerned Wii fans on Infendo point out: "Game developers and geniuses alike are allowed lives and interests too remember!" And on Extralife, well: "Hugh Hefner listens to classical music… should we all wonder that he’s responsible for probably the most widely distributed adult magazine instead of off writing symphonies?" Well, skeptics aside, the fact is that Buzz knows best!, and he'll be gracing us with more reviews and exclusive news pieces soon.