There's definitely something in Hudson Entertainment's water recently, as can be concluded by the recent Bob Marley deal, and now they're going further off the edge with the revelation of 'Bee TV Episode 1', a videocast starring Hudsonites.

There's a Google Video streaming version up for maximum fun, and it's explained: "So you wanna know what we've got cookin'? How about an office visit to Konami! In our debut episode we discuss everything from Rengoku 2 to Bomberman Act: Zero to eating burgers?! Guaranteed to bring lots of laughs, this is the Hudson crew at its finest!"

We particularly like the Bee TV logo sequence, which involves both Bomberman and Bonk messing with the Hudsonsoft logo in evil manners - but there's also fun inside the videocast, which seems to have the Hudson crew comparing fast food to help promote BurgerTime for cellphones. The next Game Life, only with actual people, not bizarrely molded puppets? Almost certainly.