Just before I left for China, I got a tip from a friend of mine (thanks Jon!) that there was a really inexpensive solution to Xbox 360 wireless connection issues. For those who don't know, the official Xbox 360 wireless adapter is as much as $100, which is a little bit ridiculous.

Well, it turns out that there's an odd third-party product called the Logitech Play Link, which was reviewed by IGN early last year, and " an RF Ethernet bridge which allows you to unite console to broadband connection without having to run any foot-tangling wires. The package contains two paired transceivers, two power adaptors, two short Ethernet cables and an installation pamphlet."

The connection works for up to 100 feet, and the Play Link originally cost $100 (!), but there's a large selection of them on eBay for $10 plus shipping now, making it a great way to connect your X360 to your router wirelessly. So, basically - no more leads to trip over, yay!

[As the IGN reviewer notes: "You can transmit data up to 1.5Mbps which, although slower than my wired network, is fine for gaming. I didn't detect any noticeable difference between playing on my wired network and playing through the wireless Play Link connection." Those have also been my experiences so far, though if you have a fast enough downstream or upstream, you might quibble with the Play Link's results.]