So sure, we all spotted the announcement of Xbox Live Casual Wednesdays, and that's great news for rabid XBLA fans such as ourselves at the good ship GSW.

For those not in the know, and I'm adding info on price here, since that wasn't in the initial announcement: "The complete schedule [for XBLA releases] is announced as follows: July 12 – Frogger ($5/400 points); July 19 – Cloning Clyde ($10/800 points); - July 26 – Galaga ($5/400 points); August 2 – Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting ($10/800 points); August 9 – Pac-Man ($5/400 points)." Hopefully it'll go beyond August 9, too.

But has spotted the real story here, something Microsoft were clearly trying to hide from an adoring public (joke!): "It seems that along with Frogger being set loose, MS quietly released the long awaited patch to fix the match-making issues they’ve been having with Uno." Yay, this is great news - we had a lot of trouble finding XBL partners for the game and thought it was just us - evidently not.

"When asked about the update on various forums this morning, Richard Thames Rowan, UNO Program Manager at Carbonated Games, had the following to say: 'Yes, this update fixed the multiplayer matchmaking (both Quick Match and Ranked Match), along with another of other bugs, including better theme deck support (which is invisible until new theme decks are released).'"