Following on from last week's Casuality conference in Seattle, casual game site Gamezebo has posted 'Top Ten Signs your Casual Game is Not Good', as created by GameTrust's Adeo Rossi, and presented at the conf.

We won't list the whole ten, you'll have to click through for that, but some highlights include: "6. The first localization was in Latin", and "4. The embedded ad got more play". Yes, yes, very cute, Mr. Letterman wannabe. And on this general subject, a recent Gamasutra recap rounded up all of our coverage of Casuality, which had some really interesting sessions, including an interesting Bing Gordon keynote.

In his talk, the EA non-co-founder (haw!) sounded genuinely enthused about the casual game revolution - and the importance of status in it: "Gordon outlined lessons for the game industry by referencing his own experiences in Club Pogo. He first emphasized the power of 'badges'. He himself has 269 badges on Club Pogo, and even though the badges are only for collecting based on gameplay, they stand as symbols of success seen by the community."