Via GSW columnist RyanS, an old G4 Cinematech video that we missed, but is sooo worth it, since it displays the genius of 'Omega 3 & The Fatty Acids', a band apparently formed entirely to sing the praises of a cheap Japanese PS1 import.

Some of the lyrics to the song accompanying video of the game, as far as we can tell, read: "You're a very nice game... $9.99, a very nice price.... Power Shovel, teaching me to be the best that I can be." Most importantly: "I shovel turtles... and curry, for free." And as you'll see from the video, that's really what you do in Power Shovel!

Also, there are a bunch more Cinematech-related clips down the right hand margin, which is cool, because you can check out some of the other fun they've been up to recently - I particularly like the extremely gory Jaws clip, which highlights the amount of ways you can gore, drown, and otherwise spindle humans with your lovable shark! Also cool - 'The Pirates' for PlayStation 2, a Japanese import which I'm presuming is a D3 game - the jaunty hornpipe background music makes it, mind you.