Those lovely folks over at The Escapist Magazine have published their latest issue, and, well - let's let them explain: "If you’ve played even a few games you’ll know all too that they can definitely suffer from “the slow parts.” But still something keeps us playing these games despite the boredom and grinding repetition. This week The Escapist looks at what happens when entertainment stops entertaining in Issue 52: “Where there’s a Whip.”

So what's in it? "Feature contributor Allen Varney catches up to speed running, the art of completing a game as fast as possible, in his latest piece, “Speed Thrills.” In “Zombies are the Master Chief” Russ Pitts discusses player-made variants in Halo 2. Dana Massey returns to share the importance of longevity in games in “The Forgotten Gamers.” And Peter Robinett questions if there is an epidemic of boring games in “But I Thought Games Were Supposed to be Fun.”"

We particularly like Varney's article, which highlights a number of people from the Speed Demos Archive, and starts: "Bethesda Softworks' Morrowind roleplaying game has a main quest storyline intended to last 60 to 80 leisurely hours. But if you play Morrowind as fast as you can, how long does the main quest actually take, start to finish? Go on, guess. Guess low. Seven minutes, 30 seconds." Speedy!