We obviously heart Alien Hominid creators The Behemoth - we've had 'em on the cover of Game Developer magazine, for one. So we're delighted to see that they're showing their new game, Castle Crashers, at Comic-Con, and have confirmed it as an Xbox 360 Live Arcade title.

An earlier version of the game showed last year, but there's now an official website revealing the game's name and that you can "play with up to three friends and discover mind-boggling magic and mystery", woo! Plus, the nice folks at Xboxyde have created a streaming version of the trailer - the one of the official site is ridiculously large.

So, apart from this immediately becoming our most-wanted XBLA title, as someone on NeoGAF pointed out, check out this footage of the first level and stick around til the end for video of the 'All You Can Quaff' mini-game - yep, it's a button masher which approximates multiplayer medieval feasting, just like Las Vegas buffets of today! Thank you, The Behemoth! [UPDATE: Hey, this Game Informer interview says Alien Hominid is coming to XBLA too later this year - neat!]