So, MMO tutorials - how do you expect them to work? In-game hints, perhaps, or a dense manual with lots of thick-typed text? Well, the folks behind PC MMO Saga Of Ryzom have a new idea - the creators announced that they have "innovated once again with a new kind of tutorial: a comic book!"

As is explained: "This comic [.PDF] fully explains one's first steps in Ryzom via screenshots from the beginners' island : from the characters creation to explanation of the windows, skills and quests... Another great reason to join the thousands of new players enjoying Ryzom's new free trial in Ruins of Silan."

The PDF uses Planetwide's Comic Book Creator, which is also currently in development for SOE's Station Players subscribers, and is, well, reasonably diverting? However, probably the most exciting forthcoming part of the likely underperforming Ryzom is the Ryzom Ring (well-previewed on, which "enables players to craft, test and then launch their own quests and live content scenarios into the live game" - it's due this Fall.