A particularly pointless discussion on the Lost Levels forums led me to another interesting Toshio Iwai-related project (yes, we've mentioned him a lot recently) - this time unreleased SNES title Sound Fantasy.

It's explained: "Sound Fantasy, [which was] due to arrive in a larger game box (the size similar to the EarthBound’ or Mario Paint boxes), was to come packed in with the SNES mouse and mouse pad. Developed by Nintendo, this interesting-looking title was probably scheduled to be released early 1992 (around Mario Paint, which debuted on May 12th of that year), but obviously Mario Paint was the one released."

The Wikipedia entry for the game has more: "Toshio Iwai eventually went on to convert his work into the PC game SimTunes in 1996, and many of the unreleased gameplay elements of Sound Fantasy can be found there. In April 2005, to celebrate the Japanese launch of Toshio Iwai's latest work, Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo opened an exhibit at Tokyo's Harajuku Station to focus on the new game and on Iwai himself. Nintendo made available for persual the box art and manual for Sound Fantasy, but the "lost game" was not made playable there."

It's also suggested: "Those who appreciate Iwai's work, however, hope that someday the completed game will be made available for download via the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console service." Yes!