The ever-reliable TIGSource has pointed out awesome PC freeware indie title The Blob, "a game about painting a city with a rolling, growing ball of paint."

As the very Dutch creators explain: "The game was a school project for an outside client. The station area of the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands is getting a thorough face-lift, as the station and many buildings around it are being rebuilt. Our task was to make a game that plays in the station area as it will be ten years from now, so that while playing, the audience is informed about what is going to happen."

The gameplay stylings are also ably explained by Brien from TIGSource: "It reminds me of (here it comes) Katamari Damacy and to a lesser extent of Mario Sunshine. I can’t believe I just wrote that. You must be sick of inane Katamari comparisons." Well, we can deal.