That Grumpy Gamer himself, Ron Gilbert, is hosting the Carnival Of Gamers this month, and the traveling display of various linked posts about video games is as eclectic as ever.

Gilbert notes in his whimsical intro: "Due to a massive pile-up out on Highway 4 and the two-headed dog only having one set of pet registration tags, the much anticipated and often delayed July edition of Carnival of Gamers has finally arrived. We've set up in the parking lot of the old Payless store just outside the county line so laws regarding "liability of death" don't apply."

Lots of fun articles here, but I like Kill Ten Rats' on managing game messageboards in particular: "Idiots attack you. They attack your game and your company, but they attack you personally. We all have seen enough examples of these. Idiots defend you. Stupid fanboys and groupies can be rather counter-productive, especially if they are defending one thing by impugning another." Having edited Slashdot at one point, I, of course, have absolutely no idea what he is talking about.