Over at the physics game blog Fun-Motion, they've done the surprising and actually added a review for a commercial console/PC game, wacky racing smash-em-up FlatOut 2 from Finnish developer Bugbear.

As Matt explains: "It’s rare that I review AAA retail games, or driving games, but Bugbear Entertainment’s Flat Out 2 is too remarkable to pass on any mention. I was a huge fan of the first title. It delivered very well-tuned driving physics in a standard race mode, as well as ragdoll-based minigames. FlatOut 2 takes the same formula—solid vehicle physics, an insane amount of object interaction on the track, and ragdoll minigames—and embellishes it with amazing production values. The result is worth talking about."

What we loved in the first FlatOut title were the minigames, of course, and it's explained: "FlatOut 2 has 8 minigames, from the high jump to soccer to curling. The core of these minigames is selecting the angle of launch, but you can also direct your ragdoll driver midair to fine-tune your intended landing. The minigames have a very Dismount-like or demoscene-ish feel to them (which makes sense, since roughly a quarter of Bugbear’s employees have demoscene backgrounds, and their business development director is one of the main organizers of Assembly)". Nice - there's an accompanying video, and the 'stone skipping' mini-game where you actually hurl a person looks particularly fun.