From the department of the somewhat wacky - an extreme fan of recently GSW-mentioned PC MMO Eve Online has set up a weblog documenting his large, complex Eve Online tattoo that's currently being inked into his back - there's a work in progress pic on the site.

As the blogger explains: "Having played the game for so long now, nearly 3 years, I have come to appreciate the back story and overall depth of EVE, and I have for the past 6 months or so been deliberating on the pros and cons of both getting the tattoo and where I should have it placed if I had one." The tattoo so far has "...the first Caldari character with a little colour down the left hand side. As with the images each race will be coloured by that particular races tone, in this case shades of blue."

We also think it's sweet that he asked permission of developer CCP to get the tattoo: "Kieron, the the Head of the Community Support for CCP and EVE, finally got back to me with a response. And the response is great news, CCP have no issues with me using some of their intellectual property as the basis for my tattoo." Aw, we wanted to see what would have happened if he had it done anyhow, and then they served him with a lawsuit. :P [Via QT3.]