The extremely useful Neologasm DSBlog has updated, not on DS, but the GBA Bit Generations games, explaining in detail of them:

"The first three bit Generations retro casual games are out now in Japan. Get Dialhex, the puzzle color-dropping game; Dotstream, the Tron-cycle-ish race game; or Boundish, a multimode Pong clone. You can see the “trailer” movie for the whole series over here (click where it says “7.5 MB” to load)."

The blog also notes: "If you'd rather wait for a US release, they are already ESRB rated, as the “Digideluxe” series, but a date hasn't been announced yet."

In addition, probably the best thing about the post is a handy English-language review of the Bit Generations series thus far by Ben Grundy (also one of the first posts we've seen on Six Apart's new Vox blogging system!), which comments: "The first thing that struck me about both these games was the clean, simple design. Its essentially effective and yet deceptively beautiful. Combine this with quite possibly the most perfectly matching soundtrack ever created and you have a retro gaming experience that leaves you feeling like you've just discovered something on the cutting edge."