Over at the ever-beautiful Insert Credit, GSW columnist Jiji has posted noting the official Japanese website for bit Generations, "Nintendo's upcoming series of experimental GBA titles".

As the Jijster notes: "There you'll find new screenshots, play descriptions, and videos - along with some cracking good chiptunes - of both waves of titles, currently scheduled for release in Japan on July 13 and July 27 for 2000 yen apiece. All of the titles in this series feature abstract and colorful visuals meshed with simple, yet original, styles of play."

Other interesting info from the post: "Nintendo haven't made any noise about a possible US release, but most of the titles already have ESRB ratings assigned, so, we'll see... While it's said that most of the games are being developed by skip Ltd., who are best known for Giftpia and Chibi Robo, the developer responsible for Digidrive seems to be Q-Games, which was founded by Starfox's [co-]creator Dylan Cuthbert."

[Randomly enough, I accidentally IM-ed Cuthbert the other week while out in New York for the Webbys, thanks to an errant Mac IM prog which insisted on re-adding all my ancient contacts - in the ensuing ruckus, he mentioned that his firm is also in the midst of finishing out Starfox DS - neeto.]