pretzel.jpg We got a press release, and now we communicate it to you: "OverClocked ReMix (, a non-profit site dedicated to fan arrangements of game music, and its official podcast VGDJ ( recently attended Video Games Live in Philadelphia.

While there, they obtained exclusive interviews with several professional game music composers and musicians: Tommy Tallarico, Michael Salvatori (Halo), Gerard Marino (God of War), Jack Wall (Myst 3/4, Jade Empire), Marcus Henderson (Guitar Hero I & II), Martin Leung (, and more.

The 87-minute long episode, which includes news about projects like Guitar Hero II, God of War 2, and an upcoming album of arranged music from Tallarico's Earthworm Jim games, can be downloaded at the VGDJ site.

[Personally, we have a slight preference for the VGMix guys when it comes to video game remix sites, but since VGMix always seems to be down for horrid reasons - though "VGMIX 3 WILL HAVE A PHYSICS PROCESSOR", according to Rushjet1 on the VGMix forums, we'll have to give it to OCRemix, who have an, uhh, working site n stuff!]