escw.jpg The latest issue of The Escapist has just debuted, and we'll let 'em introduce it: "Thirty-eight percent of all game players are women. Perhaps that’s why our first discussion on gender and games was so popular, and why we’ve decided to bring you the sequel. The Escapist takes another look at the landscape of women in games in issue 50: “Girl Power 2.”"

Sorry, whenever we think of 'Girl Power' (and we referenced it before), we think of Daisy from Spaced doing that unfortunate Spice Girls thing in a job interview, but this issue, as always, has some readable in-depth journalism on a perfectly valid topic, sometimes lacking in today's game journalism biz when an 'OMG X360!' post will get just as many (or more) page views than a well-considered feature.

Here's the full line-up: "Feature contributor John Walker questions if games are really as inaccessible to women as everyone seems to think in “Asexuality Actually.” N. Evan Van Zelfden talks to developer Denise Fulton about her career in the game industry in “Meet Denise Fulton.” In “The Truth about Little Girls” Bonnie Ruberg returns to discuss the lack of presence of young girls in video games. And Justin McElroy looks at the legacy of Sierra Entertainment and its prominent female staff in “Women at the Pinnacle.”"