Handy media-ish news site Xboxyde has just posted a heap of screenshots from Mutant Storm Empire, the Xbox 360 Live Arcade sequel to one of our favorite games of the past few months, PomPom's Mutant Storm Reloaded - and oh my, it's salivatin' time.

The pictures clearly show scrolling levels (as opposed to the single-screen mayhem of Mutant Storm Reloaded), as well as simultaneous multiplayer (likely/hopefully across Xbox Live!), and there are all kinds of weird beasties such as octopi, fish, and gigantic spaceship turret madness crazies sprawled all over the place - yay! As commenters note, it has elements of PomPom's previous PC title Space Tripper in it too.

Looks like the pics originated in the PomPom Games official forum, where staffer Mike links to hi-res screens, explaining: "Theres a bunch of shots in this directory. Alot of em are in the current 360gamer mag. Some of them are a bit old tho, so certain beasties and stuff have change. Still, its close enough! " Yes, it is - this may be our most-awaited X360 title of the year, now, cos we're weird like that.