gaymer.jpg Over at New England paper In Newsweekly, Alexander Sliwinski has put out an in-depth article on what the paper describes as "the first study ever of GLBT gamers or 'gaymers'", from the University of Illinois and activated this week at

Sliwinski notes: "The survey is long at 91 questions and takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete. The questions are mostly multiple choice, covering a variety of topics from general gaming habits, sexual identity, online gaming to recent purchases. An initial concern of those within the industry who received advanced copies of the survey was regarding its length."

But overall: "Paul S. Kollist of the "Fraggots Clan," one of the few GLBT first person shooter clans that exist said that he really enjoyed reading over the advanced copy and that his straight friend who looked it over thought it was excellent as well." There's also actually a detailed article on GLBT guilds and clans, including Kollist's clan, as part of an extended gaming section at In Newsweekly.