gbros.jpg Thanks to an email from developer Miles Tilmann, we've got a hot tip on 'neo-retro space shooter' Gamma Bros. from the folks at PixelJam. As their official weblog explains: "We created Gamma Bros as a free, full-length game for all to enjoy." Yay!

Tilmann describes the game as "akin to galaga, gradius, robotron, etc", and notes " also has a full soundtrack and loads of personality." Oh yeah, and the sountrack is particularly notable because it's done by Mark DeNardo, who is an excellent 'folktronic' chipmusician.

Anyhow, the 20mb game is downloadable for PC or Mac, and actually uses Flash Player 8 to run - there are also some screenshots on the official site if you want to peruse before you download. And if you like it, donate $$$ via PayPal or hang out for the merchandising, eh?