So, if Game Tunnel was a lady, we think it'd be a really comely, intelligent lady, because its end of month indie game round-ups are _just that good_. And the latest round-up, for June 2006 is no exception.

This time, the coveted 'Game Of The Month' goes to the long, long-delayed Wild Earth, for which GT editor Russell Carroll explains: "I've been waiting for Wild Earth since it won the 'Game of the Year' at the 2003 IGF... Playing as a photo-journalist in the beautiful African landscape is a lot of fun for my scientific senses. Players will learn as they play watching their photos turn into the images used in the magazine stories created within the game. This game is a such wonderful simulation that it seems a shame that it is often compared to Pokemon Snap." Sounds neat, though Mike Hommel comments that "the FPS gameplay is too complex for the broad market this should be for."

Also getting a Gold Award is the oft-GSW discussed Armadillo Run, for which Carroll comments: "If you miss out on this one due to the screenshots not looking that pretty you don't deserve the chance to play it. This physics sim is a blast with lots of options to make your own contraptions." However, more than one of the reviewers question whether it's a real armadillo in the game or just "a basketball". Clearly, it's an armadillo, because games never lie to us.