If it's 4pm in Bangkok, it must be time for a GameTap update on GSW, and since this one involved Richard 'Lord British' Garriott, whose medieval tunics are the talk of any party at which he arrives (and again, isn't really covered too much elsewhere), we must relate it in some detail!

We briefly noted the upcoming Ultima Week on the site, but now it is upon us, uhoh. It's explained: "To celebrate and honor this amazing series of titles, GameTap is giving serious ‘props’ by hosting ‘Ultima Week.’ As a special treat for GameTap subscribers, Ultima’s creator Richard “Lord British” Garriott will be adding his own personal touch to many of the activities taking place on GameTap including:

- A “Tapped In” documentary on Richard Garriott and the Ultima Franchise
- An exclusive tour of his castle, including a look at the bones in the basement and his crossbow collection
- Each time a subscriber loads an Ultima game, Richard will provide a personal introduction about that specific title
- The latest trailer for Tabula Rasa, the... MMO game being developed by Richard Garriott and NCSoft, with an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek at the game in development.
- Then in July, Richard will occupy the hot seat and go a round with everyone’s favorite ghost host on Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Oh, and just to confirm - the featured games available for play are: "Ultima™ 1, Ultima™ II - The Revenge of the Enchantress, Ultima™ III - Exodus, Ultima™ IV - Quest of the Avatar, Ultima™ V - Warriors of Destiny." No titles in the series later than Ultima V just yet, but I'm sure (ok, not _sure_) if everyone is good, the weird spinoffs and later sequels may eventually make it to the GameTap summer wonderland, yay. Anyhow, there's the scoop.