gtap.jpg Since, as far as we can work out, the folks at GameTap aren't listing the schedule of cool stuff they're releasing on their public website anywhere (uh?), we're gonna continue to run stories with the upcoming updates to the darn cool 'all you can eat' PC gaming subscription site, as received in newsletters/PR. This time, it's the latter end of June digging up a little Sonic and official confirmation of the much-rumored Ultima.

The listing goes as follows: "6/22 - Sonic Week: The furry blue hedgehog with an attitude turns 15 this year and we're celebrating his birthday by debuting three unique Sonic titles featuring SEGA's "Lock-On" technology. Revisit Sonic 1, 2, and 3 playing as Knuckles the Echidna and access new areas, bonus levels, and special powers that weren't available before." Lock-On versions? Totally neat idea - see the Wikipedia Sonic & Knuckles entry for more info - though we didn't think Sonic 1 worked with it?

But 6/29 brings the big fun, in our opinions: "Ultima Week: Adventure and Role Players rejoice! We've got the ultimate in Ultima™. First play the games, starting with Lord British's classic original Ultima through Ultima VI: The False Prophet, then learn about the creator behind the series, Richard Garriott, A.K.A. "Lord British" on Tapped In." There's enough RPG goodness in there to sink a battleship.

[Oh, also: "6/22 - Puyo Puyo: Sonic Week continues with Sonic Team's addictive Puyo Puyo. Move over Columns. Step aside Bust-A-Move. There's a new puzzler in town!" Puyo Puyo is always good for a puzzle, so we approve. Plus, unrelated to this, there's some new sweepstakes where you can win lotsa stuff for playing GameTap.]