Many thanks to all who entered our recent competition to win Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 on DVD - and thanks again to Konami for providing the DVDs for us to give away! We had a record amount of entries (way over 100!), and the following people have emerged victorious:

Alex Bailey, Brett Dunst, Edmond Tran, Jesse Farrell, Justin Tremont, Michael Teague, Pheener, Ryan Schreyer, Steven Randolph, Tyler Rowe

For those wondering what the actual answer was (hopefully, you used your memory to find it, rather than a Google trawl - good news is that only one person actually got it wrong!):

"Q: In Konami's original Metal Gear Solid, what CODEC frequency is used to contact Meryl Silverburgh?
A: 140.15"

This explains why Frank's hint for the original question was 'back of the case!', of course, since, as Wikipedia explains: "Early in the game, the Codec frequency for Meryl (140.15) can only be found on the back of the game's box or jewel case. This was initially commissioned in an effort to curb piracy, as without contacting Meryl, the player cannot progress in the game. However, this trick could be side-tracked (possibly for those who lost their case) by calling Campbell via Codec five times in a row (or by doing it the slow way and running through each possible frequency until she answers)."

Also mentioned, and something I didn't know, actually: "This puzzle is not original to Metal Gear Solid however, as its predecessor Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on the MSX2 also required the player to look behind the game's packaging [EDIT: FrankC says it's a sekrit code in the manual and Wikipedia is WRONG WRONG!] when Campbell changes frequency number." Congrats again to the winners!