avernum.jpg Parentally informed website GamerDad has just posted an interview with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software, quizzing the Exile, Geneforge and Avernum creator on being a parent and developer.

When asked: How has being a father changed the dynamics of your company, and the personal dynamics of being a gamer and a game developer?", Vogel interestingly comments: "I only started to play Everquest really serious after my first daughter was born. I don't know. I guess I needed a fantasy world to escape into. I stayed awake late at night, so I could look after her if she woke up while my wife slept. Everquest helped fill up those hours."

In addition, when the question is posed: "Is your older daughter a gamer yet? If so, what do you have her playing?", Vogel commets: "She is four, and she's starting to get into the game thing. Her favorite game is Animal Crossing for the Nintendo. Though I tend to think of it as less a game than a "game"."

[Actually, slightly dry interview notwithstanding, it's good to see parents quizzed on how they merge being a gamer or game developer with birthing small versions of themselves.]