Well, whaddya know? GameSetWatch has a brand new sibling, in the form of user-submitted game news site Gamerbytes, which 'soft launched' today, whatever 'soft launched' means.

Anyhow, it's "a new community site designed to link you to the best game related stories and content on the web", or so it says on the tin - and it has a cute dog logo, and basically, you can submit any video game-related story you like, and then your peers will vote it up and down. Right now, it only takes 2 votes to get onto the front page, so if you want to post your own stories to the site and you have a willing friend, please feel welcome to start gaming the system immediately!

And yes, we know you've probably seen this idea somewhere before (the site is based on the Pligg code, incidentally!), but that doesn't mean to say we can't attract a different set of people for a game-specific version of these 'power to the people' Web-centric sites. Also, the logo has a dog in it! So go poke at it a bit and submit some neat stuff, quick.