dhf.jpg So, we were hanging out at the D3 Publisher of America website, trying to work out what excuse they had now for not bringing Zombie Vs. Ambulance out in the States, when we noticed what may be the overlooked quirksome gem of E3 - Dead Head Fred for PSP.

Being produced by Vicious Cycle Software, the game has a teaser trailer up on YouTube that explains the premise fairly well - it's, uhm, an original IP film noir about a guy who had his head removed. Play Magazine (hey, who knew they had a half-decent website nowadays?) has a good E3 preview of the game, explaining: "Taking place in an alternate 1940's inspired universe, you take up the role of Fred Neuman, a private detective who was murdered and then used as part of a bizarre scientific experiment."

But wait, there's more, according to Play: "As Fred battles a variety of monsters, mutants, and ghouls, he can used the severed heads of some of his fallen foes to replace his own, giving him a variety of new ability and powers. For example, one of the heads I got to check out was a zombie head, which can suck in various things, expanding as it fills with said content." So... it's out in early 2007 exclusively for PSP, and who knows, may be a Stubbs-ian exercise in whimsy? Watch out for it.