blizza.jpg A lot of people are linking to this, but we might as well join the band of merry adventurers - The Escapist's new article 'Secret Sauce: The Rise Of Blizzard' is indeed, pretty fun to page through.

The intro notes: "In 1991, videogame industry leader Sierra launched the Sierra Network (later called the ImagiNation Network). It was geared more-or-less toward children, with cartoon-ish art and themes, but it allowed users to play a variety of games and chat with friends in online chat rooms - all for an hourly fee, of course. It was, in every way, ahead of its time."

But, it continues: "The Sierra Network, not surprisingly, failed and was shut down in 1996 by AOL, who had acquired it from AT&T. Ironically, this was not too long after the internet had become both widely understood and easy-to-use, and right around the same time that several other online gaming services had begun to flourish. Among them, an exciting new service offered by a company called Blizzard." Learn more about Blizzard's sprouting into a very tall tree via the link.