juice.jpg We _believe_ that UK Resistance may have run this at some point in the distant past, but the scarily intense ASSEMbler over at ASSEMbler Games has posted one of the fruits of his attendance at the Acclaim bankruptcy auction a few months back - the cancelled intro for the Acclaim version of street racer Juiced.

As the thread notes: "Features: Mediocre rappers, Lame CG effects, Some of the worst blue screening ever, Sparkling lyrics such as "T*ts up foot down pedal to the floor".... This video is sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over." Still, it's a bit of grime, innit?

ASSEMbler has also posted (complete with annoying watermarking, etc), a video of the Acclaim version of Combat Elite, eventually released with significantly different gameplay, as we recall: " It has a lot of rough parts where you can see work in progress, like the programmer voiceovers, the soldier is name "Steve God of Hairdos."" And it's all about the boss barnet, right?