rbal.jpg Since it's my hometown, I'm rather intrigued by August's ZeroOne San Jose Festival, billed as a happening that "will transform San Jose into the North American epicenter for the intersection of art and digital culture by showcasing the world's most innovative contemporary artists."

Seems pretty highbrow, but we note some game-related content of some neatness sneaking in there, especially ARG-like content for the 'Interactive City' part of ZeroOne, such as 99 Red Balloons from Jenny Marketou and Katie Salen, "a game in which players must master the art of public persuasion by convincing non-players to enter the game and play."

According to the description: "Players take on the roles of Spy Fairies, each armed with a large helium balloon and wireless camera, which record the game play as the Spy Fairies work to collect as many followers as possible before time runs out... Footage from the Spy Fairy cameras is beamed back to the game Headquarters, where the progress of each Fairy can be tracked onscreen." It's all incredibly The Prisoner, isn't it? Yay!