wow0.jpg Good ol' SirBruce has updated his MMOG Chart again, up to v20.0 (!), and he notes of his latest additions: "This is a major update, with updated numbers for many games, most notably World of Warcraft, Eve Online, RuneScape, and most of NCSoft’s titles. I’ve also added three new MMOGs to the tracking data: Tibia, The Matrix Online, and Dungeons & Dragons Online."

The charts themselves, focusing on the rampant success of World Of WarCraft, and now with separated-out charts for Asian PCU figures, seem to be the main focus (though there are still some kinks in there with games released in both territories, like WoW and Lineage II). But we focus more on the obscure analysis - we had no idea that as of the beginning of 2006, Ultima Online "had about 130,000 subscribers worldwide, with about 70,000 of those in Japan" - more JP subscribers than Western? Wacky.

Also, SirBruce's extended E3 2006 MMO report is one of the best pieces of reportage we've seen from the show - he comments: "Picking a clear winner this year was quite difficult. Nearly all of the titles had something in particular going for them. I was also impressed by the graphics in almost every title; it seems technology and tools have progressed to the point that even a small MMOG title can have excellent graphics." Most interestingly: "The titles that fellow MMOG players seemed to be impressed with the most were Tabula Rasa, Huxley, and Age of Conan" - not what we would have guessed.