wrightpee.JPG In a rather touching post, the International Game Developers Association has collected a multitude of reports from GDC 2006 student scholarship winners, who each won a pass to GDC and a professional game developer mentor to help guide them.

Elizabeth M. Chung of Pennsylvania State University gives an idea of the general fun level of GDC [yes, yes, run by CMP, who also runs GameSetWatch, but no shilling here, it's a great conf!]: "You spend literally every waking moment of your time devoted to discussion with others about games, meeting exciting people in the industry, seeing the new games that are in the making, and enveloping yourself with the most creative people on the planet." Yay!

But actually, our favorite feedback is from Eric Peter Foster of the University of Advancing Technology, who goes completely against the grain and calls out Will Wright on his GDC 2006 speech: "He is a good speaker, however it did seem a little long, and it dragged on a bit... I think in the future, unless he talks about something more interesting to me, I will go to another session if there is a good one going on." Rawk! [Oh, and ta to Joystiq for P-A screenshot swipe!]