gtap.jpg Holy canole, is it a GameTap time of the month again? We got an email from the 'all you can eat' subscription gaming service (which we still heart) with its schedule for new game additions over the next month, so thought we'd pass them on.

Today, the 25th, looks like we're getting MegaRace 3 ("Strap yourself in for this fast and futuristic combat racer"!), an amusing sequel to the over the top '90s franchise - as well as the Neo Geo MVS version (we think!) of Bust-A-Move, aka Puzzle Bobble - always fun.

Then, appearing on June 1st, we have Super BurgerTime ("It's rarely been seen but it's finally here...the 1990 sequel to BurgerTime!"), and June 8th sees Rolling Thunder 2 & 3 ("The SEGA Genesis presents two follow-ups to the spy classic, Rolling Thunder.") - certainly some neat obscurities popping out from the underbrush here.

Finally, June 15th has Legendary Wings ("Hey, Capcom, you got your vertically-scrolling shooter in my side-scrolling shooter!"), and June 22nd: "Sports Week: Football, bowling, wrestling...not to mention a few other heavy hitters." Oo, should be some nice Neo Geo and arcade titles showing up in there, we'd imagine. [UPDATE: Matt from Turner mentions in comments: "The "Sports Week" content was moved to July so we could celebrate Sonic's 15th birthday on June 23!" Hurrah!]