3dbahn.jpg Continuing GSW's wish to be the only website ever to link to the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer weblog, we note a new review of uber-obscure Japan-only 3DO title Autobahn Tokio, which the blog's author claims may be a seminal early 3D racing game.

He explains: "Autobahn Tokio is actually Ridge Racer meets Gran Turismo meets Battle Gear or Initial D. After Ridge, before Polyphonic, before anyone thought an AE86 was cool there was Autobahn Tokio on the 3DO. It's red car verses yellow car, hinting towards real racing dynamics and the recognisable cars of Gran Turismo or Initial D."

Although the game itself is 'not great', apparently, "Moving onto the tracks, particular the night city one, these are undeniably Gran Turismo. The night city mode is Special Stage Route 5, the mountain route is Grand Valley Speedway and the forest route is Deep Forest Racing Way. Of cause GT didn't make it to the PS1 for another 4 years after Autobahn Tokio was released. I don't care what anyone says - they, the 3DO ones, are the originals... the circuits are fairly short but eerily familiar." Hurrah for 3DO-based conspiracy theories!