crab.jpg The always fun has decided to post about the epidemic of in-game crabs shown at last weeks' E3 Expo - apparently, crab-like creature are vital to the next generation.

Clearly semi-seguing off the crab in the 'Sony Press Conf In 1 Minute' video, revealed in techicolor are "...all the crabs that I've noticed in screengrabs or released screenshots. Some of these might be a little loose in the definition of "crab", but they're all very much crab-like aliens or mutants or crab-robots."

But really, the crab from PS3 title Genji 2 (showcased in the Sony press video!) still wins every time, because, as is pointed out: "Once the giant crab creature showed its face in this historic game with real battles from history, there was no saving Sony's showing."