potc.jpg The rather smart RetroBlast! has spotted a brand new consumer-aimed pinball table from innovative toy company Zizzle, the folks behind the Zizzle Iz - and designed by Star Wars Episode 1 and Theater Of Magic pin designer John Popadiuk, too.

RB! links to an informative rec.games.pinball post (Usenet still alive? Huzzah!) which explains: "John Popadiuk is designing a few games for release this summer by a company called Zizzle. A smaller version of a full size pin. Real solenoid flippers and bumpers, ramps and multilevels. Real wood cabinet but at a discount price. Around $300. First out is a Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel Super Heroes. Trying to tap in the home market just as Bally did in the mid '80s."

There are a few pictures of the Marvel Super Heroes prototype from the New York Toy Fair earlier this year which show that, for $300, this might actually be a pretty fun purchase - the Pirates Of The Caribbean ad also linked seems to indicate that, although it's not got the sophistication of the real, multi-thousand dollar thing, Zizzle's concept may still be a pleasant compromise.