worky.jpg We at GSW hope you 'automatically' read features on sister B2B site Gamasutra - hence the lack of backlinks, haw. But the same may not be true for Serious Games Source, our new B2B site covering "games created for training, health, government, military, educational and other uses."

The latest feature up there is a neat 'postmortem' look at Spanish educational 'serious game' Worky's Challenge by Exelweiss Entertainment, of which it's explained: "The game was an initiative by a mutual insurance company and the regional government of Valencia and was related to workplace risks. Workplace risks has been a touchy political issue in Spain lately. The number of injuries and deaths during work has skyrocketed in the last years. A burgeoning construction sector (which by itself has higher risks that other economic sectors) and the bad or nil preparation of workers in low-skill jobs have been two of the major culprits for this."

The game itself is actually a graphical adventure teaching about workplace safety, along with arcade-style mini-games, in which players are "battling Dr. Fatality by adopting safety measures and avoiding accidents", and the game's commissioners were certainly picky: "After being finished, the game had to pass an external panel of workplace experts to make sure everything was correct... Even simple details like the way a computer was placed relative to a window needed to be changed. A computer screen should not be directly facing a window to avoid screen glare." My eyes!

Sadly, we can't find a link to Exelweiss' Spanish-language game online anywhere, but if anyone knows where it can be downloaded or otherwise checked out...