virt.jpg Earlier in the month, our 'Cherish The Chips' columnist Nullsleep provided an ebullient review of the NYC PulseWave chiptune concert that included game musician and VGMix founder Virt among its number.

Well, Virt's now updated his weblog with most of the music played at PulseWave, and oh my word, it rocks hard. For starters, there's an absolutely awesome Katamari Damacy cover version [.MP3] done in NES + VRC6 sound chip stylee, and even better, an excellent Korg Oasys FM synthesis track, Blast Off Again [.MP3], apparently a sequel to a track on his epochally good 'FX 2' music disc (released on this poster's Monotonik net.label).

But even neater still is a NES + VOPM track called FX3 Preview [.MP3], in which all kinds of insane retro shapes are thrown. Possibly the chiptune release of the year so far, and it's just a dump of some in-progress live tracks - we fear for our children if Virt, who currently works for Gameloft on cellphone soundtracks, ever gets it together to release an album.