mbison.jpgCarrying on with the game-art angle, The Little Mathletics blog continues to do some fun interviews, and the latest is with 'the 8-Bit Artist', someone who "has been painting authentic renditions of Nintendo games from the 8-bit era."

Some of the questions are a tad highbrow, such as whether the 8-Bit Artist's work is 'pop art' ("It could be claimed as pop art, some people might say it's just fan art. Painters have been doing similar stuff for a long time - maybe not video games specifically, but you know.")

But overall, it appears that, much like Warhol, the Artist's art may actually strike the dischordant note that all modern art needs to be hip ("I've had people tell me that what I'm doing is copyright infringement and that they are going to email Nintendo and tell them about me. Haha, I'm sure a possibly multi billion dollar corporation doesn't give a shit about little ole me painting some Nintendo dudes. Some people might think since I am just "copying", and that my stuff isn't original... I like the word "recreating".) There's more to see at his DeviantArt page and his MySpace blog.