splitfish.jpg Video game peripheral company SplitFish, which got a bunch of publicity earlier this year for a very Revolution-like lasertracking controller, sent us a press release about "its new PS2 and PS3 controller", the GlideFX (pictured).

According to the company: "The GlideFX features separate left and right hand grips, a track ball rather than the customary right stick and a game play sensitivity control that allows it to be tuned to the player’s preference", and is "part of the FX video game adapter series being developed by SplitFish in which each product is custom tailored for various types of video games."

So, apparently you need a different controller for each game genre, now? Apparently, so say the SplitFish guys: "The eyeFX 3D Adapter (as reviewed by I4U) is ideally suited for niche markets specifically for flight sims. The DualFX, with its laser guidance system is designed as the ultimate shooter controller. The GlideFX supports and is specifically designed for all other video games." And the mini trackball is definitely cute - look for it being demo-ed at E3.