vf.jpg Over at 1UP, they have a spectacularly in-depth interview with Hiroshi Kataoka, President of Sega's arcade amusement departments, about all things arcade and Virtua Fighter.

Particularly interesting was this reference to the Nintendo Revolution as an arcade conversion source: "As for console ports, in recent times it has become more difficult to do home conversions of gun games due to the wide variety of TVs in use by consumers. While the arcade games use specialized, high-resolution screens, you don't have that sort of standardization in the consumer market. So, I'm personally hoping the Revolution's controller will allow us to do more ports of gun games." Woohoo, House Of The Dead X from Lindbergh to Rev? Horsepower may be a problem!

There'a also an excellent explanation of the difference between Japanese and Western arcades: "Game centers in Japan are a place you go on an impulse - you'd stop in to play on the way home from school or work to kill some time. Young adults and salarymen go there thinking "instead of playing at home by myself, I'll play against others." In the western market, you have to get motivated and plan to go to an arcade. Most people in the west, it seems, would rather just stay home and play on PCs or consoles." Well summed-up.