SundayGameStudio.jpgFamitsu reports in an interview this week that former Sega man, Kaya Takafumi, who was largely behind Chu Chu Rocket, and had a stint at Sony as well, is creating a rather unique kind of game school called the Sunday Game Studio.

The school is aimed at so-called 'society people' - or those who have graduated from college and already found a job and contributed to society at large - and caters to those with free time on Sundays, thus the school's name. Students would be rigorously and strictly selected, for the school claims that they will learn with the guidance of seasoned game professionals, and as an internship, the casual PC game products created by students will actually go on sale in Yahoo!'s Game division.

Takafumi is drawn to networked games for their potential to expose new creators easilym and believes in his school in a sort of patriotic way to stimulate the creativity of Japanese designers against what he sees as a growing trend of publishers curtailing development around sequels to make a profit. He plans to enforce strict schedules of around three months for most of the games developed at Sunday Game Studio, in an effort to propel motivation to finish the projects. If the school works according to his plans, it will highlight the casual game market to which he has become increasingly attracted. One wonders how far the Pied Piper's music will play.