rael.jpg Our post-post-modern British chum Kieron Gillen points out one of the more marvellous concepts for a themed video game weblog that we've recently seen. Quite simply named 'Not Enough Owls', the site explains regally: "Owls: majestic creatures of the English countryside, and long overlooked by popular culture. This blog will go a small way to setting that right by documenting the role of owls in computer games."

The weblog's first post is lamenting an evil role for an owl in Sony's Loco Roco, raging: "There's no explanation of why he's there, why he's on the side of evil, or why he appears to be drunk, fat and in a Pac-Man ghost outfit. It's exactly this sort of lazy, fallacious nonsense that inspired this blog in the first place", and threatening menacingly: "Sony, you must correct this or the full weight of the revo-hoot-ion will be brought to bear upon you."

The latest post, very suitably, explains the role of Psygnosis in owl-based games, declaiming sagely: "One might be inclined to suggest that if there were any company in the history of videogaming which had supported owls, it might be Psygnosis." Sadly, the company's owl logo and owl-based game Agony didn't stop the industry REPRESSING THE OWLS YET AGAIN, and we feel a writing campaign to make sure that NintenOwls debuts at Revolution launch may be in Not Enough Owls' imminent future. Or at least a petition for some kind of Harry Potter-licensed Hedwig game where you deliver letters and eat worms? Petitions always work.