rd1.jpg The ever-lovin' Kikizo, a UK site that often concentrates on in-depth Japanese game developer interviews (Sega a specialty!), has landed a rare chat with Nintendo's R&D1 team, also described in the piece as the 'Wario Ware All-Star Team'.

The team includes Metroid supremo Yoshio Sakamoto, who comments of the game's concept (originally birthed from the N64DD tool Polygon Studio): "...we got the idea of using Wario and the other characters because we couldn't think of anyone else who would be best for the role. Wario is always doing stupid things and is really idiotic, so we thought him and the rest of the characters would be best for the game."

Kikizo also get in one of the funnier questions asked recently: "Weren't you afraid of someone hurting themselves on the train while playing [tilt sensor enabled] MaWaRu [Wario Ware: Twisted]?", to which the reply was "That's why on all Nintendo games they have warning labels, and in MaWaRu we also put a warning label in the game in case something bad happens. We hope that everyone doesn't hurt themselves on the platform... I hope that people don't hurt themselves in the train either!"