bunnies.jpg Via a reinvigorated FiringSquad comes the somewhat bizarre news that NCSoft's PC MMO Lineage II is providing helpless bunnies to slaughter as part of its Easter celebrations. How delightfully horrible.

As the write-up notes of the special MMO event: "The bunny event will last a week [from April 14th to 20th] and will allow players not just to kill lots of cute rabbits but in doing so "receive experience boosts and an occasional skill point scroll."" There's more info on the spurious game back story over at GameZone.

Personally, we prefer the Easter-related quests in Sega's Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, which are much less viciously cuddly, and in which: "Players will now have the chance to hunt Egg Rappies and Easter Eggs." The cheeky folks at PSO-World also point out: "The Easter theme will remain up until April 25th. In the meantime, do not try to pilfer Easter Eggs from the lobby decorations!"